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ComiPo's 'n' Prose, Oh My!
I do a variety of art but mostly do ComiPo comics and writing. However, I'm pretty lenient, and if you like my drawing style, I'm more than happy to do some sort of drawing too. Please send me details for anything you'd like, and whatever price you feel would better reflect the work I can do.

Any art I do for you is allowed to be used as you like, but please remember I, as the artist, technically own the general work. But your characters will always remain yours, etc.

Projects can include a poem to use in your story because you think my style fits, concept images for plots or characters, comics using your ideas, general images, etc.

Newest Deviations

Riding Into the Rain Clouds by Juneberry-chan Riding Into the Rain Clouds :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 4 7 SoS - Aberos Saye by Juneberry-chan SoS - Aberos Saye :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 1 3 Let's Spam the Spam Callers by Juneberry-chan Let's Spam the Spam Callers :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 4 13 To Grandma's House by Juneberry-chan To Grandma's House :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 3 7 SoS - Which is Scum? by Juneberry-chan SoS - Which is Scum? :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 5 10 SoS - Angel Council by Juneberry-chan SoS - Angel Council :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 6 5 SoS - Saye by Juneberry-chan SoS - Saye :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 6 21
SoS Snippet 2 for 1: Insight to Angels
Snippet A:
The door closed behind him gracefully, only a small thud sounding to alert his arrival. A woman of short stature with a round belly and long brown curls seemed to skip into the hallway to greet him. "I'm home, Mother."
"Welcome home. I've told you that at home you don't have to call me that, Luther."
"You're still much like a mother to me, even if I'm not truly your son. You treat me the same as you'd have treated him, if he were still alive in this body."
The woman smiled softly, her frail hand moving to ruffle the hair on his head. "You're a sweet boy. Just like my Takumi. It's only natural I adore you for it."
Snippet B:
"Young love is a beautiful thing."
The boy chuckled, grinning ear to ear. "You say that, but I'm plenty older than you Marlene. If we went by true age, I'd be your father at the least, not your son."
"Well for an angel, Luther, I'm sure n
:iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 5 3
SoS - Takumi by Juneberry-chan SoS - Takumi :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 5 4 Race Data - Angels (SoS) by Juneberry-chan Race Data - Angels (SoS) :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 5 14 Taku and Riku by Juneberry-chan Taku and Riku :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 5 1 ComiPo Background Contest Entry by Juneberry-chan ComiPo Background Contest Entry :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 3 4 So Long, Grandpa by Juneberry-chan So Long, Grandpa :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 3 32 Jaluna Sticker by Juneberry-chan Jaluna Sticker :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 1 0 I'm a God Now? by Juneberry-chan I'm a God Now? :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 2 24 Kana's Scythe Lesson by Juneberry-chan Kana's Scythe Lesson :iconjuneberry-chan:Juneberry-chan 1 5


Comfy in the Mess by RaiyuuHime Comfy in the Mess :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 2 Mmm...Cozy by RaiyuuHime Mmm...Cozy :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 1 0 Kahlo by RaiyuuHime Kahlo :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 1 0 Chp. 1 - Intermission by evagoblin Chp. 1 - Intermission :iconevagoblin:evagoblin 4 10 Smart Phone Transformation TG by ReiUsagi Smart Phone Transformation TG :iconreiusagi:ReiUsagi 205 27 You need honey by TheKey4427 You need honey :iconthekey4427:TheKey4427 3 2 Sci-Fi Themed Autotiles by agifarclor Sci-Fi Themed Autotiles :iconagifarclor:agifarclor 3 0 Agnes Lineart By Jellymii - Colour Attempt by Viohazard Agnes Lineart By Jellymii - Colour Attempt :iconviohazard:Viohazard 3 0 Kenshin and the Dog by RaiyuuHime Kenshin and the Dog :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 0 Oliver by RaiyuuHime Oliver :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 0 Thomas by RaiyuuHime Thomas :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 2 The Dragon's Ruby by RaiyuuHime The Dragon's Ruby :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 0 Kenshin and the Dog II by RaiyuuHime Kenshin and the Dog II :iconraiyuuhime:RaiyuuHime 2 0 Comipo Mahou Shoujo desu!~ by MilleniumFabb Comipo Mahou Shoujo desu!~ :iconmilleniumfabb:MilleniumFabb 19 38 Gear Shift by Cyberguy64 Gear Shift :iconcyberguy64:Cyberguy64 16 12 Model mistake pg4 by C10artfan Model mistake pg4 :iconc10artfan:C10artfan 5 4


I think the purple water is an interesting touch, but I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing. It certainly draws the eyes, and b...

I thought of giving you all five stars, but let's face it, it's hard to make a completely original route map most of the time. Outside ...

by kosmiik

Okay, so my first thought when I saw this was "OMG AMAZING". Seriously, it pops off the screen vibrantly and I really just want to hug ...

Hopefully my ratings seem logical after I explain, but I overall adore the way you made this map. While I think it'd be better with con...




Jaluna Rolik
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a lazy person and bad at talking about myself...So here are some things about me via stamps :D

I refuse... Stamp by ladychimera I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Stamp: Read my mind by MafiaVamp STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Support reading stamp by DeviantSith Ed is short stamp by Okami-Moony 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps vague stamp is vague by Aphose I love Yuri STAMP by Yuna-Breikoft OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps :thumb574769813: Trust by Finalrobo101 Remember Forever by Finalrobo101 I Love Cats and Dogs by Finalrobo101 Mean People by Finalrobo101 I'm not rude, I'm just honest. by Finalrobo101 If You Don't Respect Me... by Finalrobo101 ''The Longer You Stare Into the Abyss...'' by Mintaka-TK fav-ninja by CookiemagiK Broken heart is like a scar stamp by FlowerWoman13 Stamp: Dating website by 8manderz8 XD Stamp by MimiMarieT randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz .:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by Viten Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX

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In order to be able to make a contest with prizes, I figure having an actual prize people would want would make it more fun.

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Riding Into the Rain Clouds
I don't know why I opted for the tall panel method, but I really had a ton of fun working on this! I know my work on saturation and such might not be up to par right now, to be honest, but after well over an hour, I think this turned out pretty good.

This here is an entry for a contest being held by :iconalexjmb95: seen here:

All assets used are ComiPo only, as per the rules. I went kind of nuts fighting the background and making the horse pose work, but the concept is basically as the title says, which is a pun in its own way.

I wonder if you can really tell Kieran's got purple skin...
I made a playtest. Come look at my self-deprecation from laziness.
I had like 3k notifications so I basically just sped through them.
I apologize to all I've offended by not actually looking. But I'm overwhelmed and still have about a thousand emails to go through too. And this is only the start of the mountain of stuff I've missed.
I promise to share shit I've done later though. And actually look through stuff in my own time when I feel I have the patience and sanity.
SoS - Aberos Saye
Current Name: Aberos Umeidez
Celestial Name: Saye
Current Age: 19
Celestial Age: 82
Species: Angel in human skin.

Personality: Shy and clumsy, Saye was always known to be a bit of a space-case, yet loyal to a fault. She will listen to anyone she sees as trustworthy even if what they say may seem farfetched, and that includes who TO trust, sometimes. A strong believer in order and laws, she has a hard time doing things that she might have to in order to fulfill a need/duty.

Background: Like all of Angels, she appeared one day out of thin air with no real purpose, only a name and the ability to live up in the clouds. As a young angel, she had been inducted into the Angel Council, a secret group keeping order amongst their rather sparse, separated species. After being found to have a special ability that would allow her to read ancient angelic script and, as such, more easily keep in contact with the other angels even from the human plane, Saye was sent to the world of humans and took over the first corpse she found to keep an eye on the suspicious activity in the area.

Aberos Umeidez was a delinquent, whose misdeeds lead to his own murder. His soul met with Saye only briefly when she found the body bleeding out, surrounded by strangers entertained by the idea of a dead body (or terrified, she couldn't really tell). When she took the body, she felt a shock of pain and changed the brown eyes to blue without recognizing any change herself, and stood up as if nothing had happened. She was swiftly taken to an ambulance due to the pain from where the body had been cut.

Unable to continue Aberos' life of crime, he was suddenly a good-willed stranger to his family. Though his parents were able to be led to believe that the 'near-death experience' changed him, Aberos' younger brother was far from agreeable. The more Saye as Aberos tried to interact with the boy, the more he felt flustered and irritated by his older brother...And eventually, he lashed out at Saye, growling about the fact that she was clearly not the boy's brother.

With the help of Aberos' brother, however, Saye was able to start getting used to her uncomfortable male anatomy and earthly needs. In hopes of keeping an eye on those she was entrusted to, Saye enrolled Aberos into a university just on the edge of town, which takes her past both the coffee shop the strange group she's watching tend to go to regularly and the high school the 'rogue angel' Takumi is enrolled.

In order to keep from being confused, Saye likes to ask people to call her by her celestial "proper" name as a nickname, but a lot of people prefer calling her Abe, if anything, instead.
I was tagged by :iconleonielunatic: who created this lololol
If you did this thingy and asked questions and wanted me to answer, comment to remind me. I refuse to tag though.

Rules: Answer all the questions you got tagged to answer. Then ask 10 questions of your own and tag as many people as you'd like. That's it.

1. Shameless self-promotion: Which one of my works (be it a comic or a single piece) is your personal favorite?
--I just randomly look through things to choose a favorite, so it might not be my absolute favorite since I'm lazy, but...I really like this one somehow, but I like a ton honestly:

2. Which one of your own works is your favorite?
--I'm bad at self love. Randomly choosing this one for the concept:
(Yes, it's not actually my best work. I just love the line xD)

3. Name something you love.

4. Name something you hate.
--A good chunk of my family. :'D

5. If you were a serial killer, how would you kill your victims? (Shooting, stabbing, torture, poison...)
--Based on my general tendencies of how I imagine killing people when I'm pissed, pushing off high places is my go-to. Especially cliffs.

6. If you found out you (or alternatively, your girlfriend/wife/fiancée/datemate) were expecting twins, a boy and a girl, what would you name them?
--I actually have no idea because it'd depend on both of us?

7. What's something you used to love as a kid but can't stand now?
--Um...Barney? Iunno.

8. Do you ever have really weird dreams? Tell me about one!
--I still think the weirdest dream I have ever had was the one with the purple ducks that were from outer space that came alongside clones of all the humans of the world and came to eat all the humans.

9. What's your favorite Pizza topping?
--Probably mushrooms.

10. If you had a pet that you really love, but found out that you're allergic to it, would you keep it anyway?
--Why not? That's why there's allergy meds. xD
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